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Cover Letter Mad Libs

Does writing a cover letter make you tear up? Maybe even just the thought of it?

Some people love writing them, but not me. No, nope, not at all. I've written hundreds, and frequency has not made the heart grow fonder.

One day one of my clients who wanted to turn around an application quickly asked me if I had a cover letter template, something like Mad Libs.

Me > 🤯

The thought had never crossed my mind, but it was brilliant!

I reviewed the dozen or so cover letters I had last written and made a template and sent it off to that brilliant client, but also – now I had something to use myself! And I do now every time I write a cover letter.

In addition to the template, I have also included a short course explaining the template, its sections, and why this format works so well, in addition to:

  • a mass applying system
  • me creating a cover letter from a job posting for you
  • and an example of the template in action with a finished cover letter.

So if you too are like me and don't love this part of the process, hop in and let's Mad Libs it!

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I'd love to get your feedback about the course, and I hope we can stay in touch!

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