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6-Session Pack

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New or returning clients can book live sessions to go over whatever you’d like related to my areas of expertise –

  • career pivots, job search, layoff rebounding, new to people management, and leadership
  • work & worth: distillation, containers, voice, values, vision, and visibility
  • work in general: boundaries, performance reviews, managing up, etc.

This container:

  • Sessions are 60-minutes and held virtually.
  • You can give access to any files you need for me to access in your onboarding survey.
  • You can feel free to be on camera or not.
  • We can work on whatever makes sense!

The boundaries:

  • Please note, sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase. You get an email that you have sessions remaining, and a specific one in the final month.
  • Done for you service work (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, etc.) does not happen on these packages. This doesn't mean we can't work on these things; it means that when the session nears its end, I will give you a strategy to complete the rest yourself or you can book another session.
  • Coaching conversations happen within our session time, not by email or LinkedIn message outside of those times. This doesn't mean we don't email or message; it only means that is not for coaching.
  • Sessions are non-transferable.

Current clients, you get these packages half off! Send me an email to get the coupon code.

The package includes:

  • Six 60-minute private, real time sessions with me

Hear from my client, Carolyn Ansley:

This whole process has given me such a heart for those who are seeking a career change – I’ve gained a perspective I didn’t understand or appreciate until going through this myself. I know the feeling when the last check is deposited in your bank account and you have a mortgage to pay, the e x c i t e m e n t of what you would do if ANYTHING was possible, and the self-doubt that begins to creep in when your application efforts are quashed with the dreaded, “thanks, but no thanks” email. There is so much great information that is available for free on the internet, and I certainly took advantage of that resource, but soon found I was drowning in information and not spending precious time in action. A key person in my support network was my Executive Coach, Cristin Downs.

I’m a huge fan of the coaching model and knew that working with the right person could shorten my out-of-work time gap by helping me stay in motion by working on the right things. I chose to work with Cristin Downs because of her expertise in partnering with career pivoters and found I really appreciated her candor and humor while doing critical work! Cristin has a vast array of resources that I utilized to baby-step through each phase of the career search process and I especially loved that I could work with her at my pace. She helped me set attainable, yet lofty goals and held me accountable to those goals throughout the process. The investment in Cristin’s partnership was invaluable for the skills I gained and for the outcome of our work together – an exciting, new career!

For those who are in the midst of career changes or contemplating a change, I want to encourage you to not do this work alone. Surround yourself with a positive support network and remember that your worth is not tied to your job. You are amazing and worthy and there is a very fortunate organization that will be rewarded with your talents soon!

And from an anonymous client here:

So, I was hesitant to have an executive coach from the get-go and thought I had all the answers. I was getting interviews left and right, but after 14 years of not having been the interviewee, there was a skillset I needed to dust off. Being in law enforcement, you need to be confident, quick minded, and correct 100% of the time; it’s a mindset you must have to thrive. Well, my wife decided to sign me up for Cristin’s services, it was decided that I’d give it a go! I never do anything less than 100% effort, and this wouldn’t be any different. I had four interviews within two and a half weeks – so its time to polish off my interview techniques and get back to that grindstone. Well, Cristin immediately impressed me with her knowledge, responsiveness, openness and dedication to me as a client. Her insight into what I was doing correctly, and what I could improve was key. I loved working with Cristin and would highly recommend her to anyone having issues from deciding what path they want from life all the way to polishing off those squeaky interview responses.

Everything with Cristin was natural; it flowed like we’d been friends for years. The feedback I was getting was critical and within a short period of time proved to be more beneficial than I can express. She was a stranger. Now, she’s my go-to. If there’s anyone on the fence – take my advice – make that leap. Sign up!

*Client chose to remain anonymous.

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