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Activation Session [60 minutes]

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New or returning clients can book live sessions to go over whatever you’d like related to my areas of expertise –

  • career pivots, job search, layoff rebounding, new to people management, and leadership
  • work & worth: distillation, containers, voice, values, vision, and visibility
  • work in general: boundaries, performance reviews, managing up, etc.

This container:

  • The session is 60-minutes and held virtually.
  • You can give access to any files you need for me to access in your onboarding survey.
  • You can feel free to be on camera or not.
  • We can work on whatever makes sense!

The boundaries:

  • Please note, the session must be used within 6 months of purchase. You get an email that you have sessions remaining, and a specific one in the final month.
  • Done for you service work (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, etc.) does not happen on these packages. This doesn't mean we can't work on these things; it means that when the session nears its end, I will give you a strategy to complete the rest yourself or you can book another session.
  • Coaching conversations happen within our session time, not by email or LinkedIn message outside of those times. This doesn't mean we don't email or message; it only means that is not for coaching.
  • Sessions are non-transferable.

Current clients, you get these packages half off! Send me an email to get the coupon code.

The package includes:

  • One 60-minute private, real time session with me

Hear from my client, Tammy Bean:

Having the opportunity to work with Cristin was the best gift I could have given myself and my family. Cristin pushed me to do the hard work to see the skills that I had taken for granted were skills that others wanted and needed in their organization. She helped me figure out how my values could still align with my work even if it was in a different industry. In addition, she helped me to see that moving out of the position that I held for almost two decades was a way to move forward instead of living in the comfort and ease that I had grown accustomed to. The work was not easy and at times there were tears, frustration, and laughter and through it all she helped me to look deep into myself for what I wanted my future to be; stuck in the mud of what I knew or flying toward possibilities. Some days I was totally comfortable with the mud, but I am so grateful that she pushed me to fly toward possibilities. I am now in a new position that aligns with my values and is challenging me to use my skills in new and different ways. While I knew that Cristin was good at what she does before I took the leap to work with her, she was hands down better than I could have hoped for, and I can never express in words the positive impact that she has had on my life. 

And my client Sarah Fischer:

Around Thanksgiving, I found out I was being laid off on December 31st, and I started working with Cristin shortly afterward. I had lofty goals and expectations for finding THE job I wanted, and her truthful yet kind approach helped me reset to the reality of the job market in early 2024.

I applied to A LOT of jobs during the process, and the tech job market felt like a boxing match. Dodging jabs like low salaries, terrible benefits, and interviewing red flags. With Cristin in my corner to validate my feelings and remind me of my worth, she allowed me to persevere and ultimately land the job with everything I was looking for a step into leadership, a remote job, and a 25K pay raise.

Beyond that, she helped me grieve the loss of my previous team and job and gave useful advice and feedback, like noticing I have a higher energy level when I stand vs sit for interviews. She used her network to share jobs I’d be interested in, didn’t let me settle when times got tough, and made me laugh when she could tell I needed it most.

I’m better off having worked with Cristin, and I’m so grateful for our time together because I can’t imagine what job I would have taken if I hadn’t. Having her in my corner made the job search feel like a fair fight because her expertise, intuition, and authenticity made the process much easier.

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