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Hi! I’m Cristin and I help fed up folks and determined do-gooders pivot from jobs they despise into a life they love because we deserve better. We deserve work that is both fulfilling and pays well, without toxicity and trauma. We deserve time with our families, flexible schedules, and rest.

Like so many people I work with, I had some wildly unrealistic expectations about work when I first started my career. I thought if I did what I was “supposed” to do, I would get paid well enough to have a family, go on vacation now and again, and build up savings. Not avocado toast for breakfast money, but maybe once a year Jersey shore money (Philly born btw). Ha! What a sweet summer child I was.

I quickly learned that our relationship with work is way more complicated and a lot of factors would actually dictate whether or not I had the money for vacation, let alone the approval to take the vacation days!

Fast forward to today, and I'm helping hundreds of people reorient their relationship to work so they can live lives they love. Here in my resource vault, you'll find resources and tools to help you navigate the current work world while conspiring to create our better future 💫

Available Products

Pivot Resume Template

This free resume template is Mad-Libs style / plug and play and includes simple directions on how to complete each section. Available as both a Google Doc and Microsoft Word file.

Planning for a Layoff: Checklist and Resource Bank

Prepare today for a possible layoff tomorrow with this checklist of actions to take.

Plan Your Pivot Workbook

Walk through a mix of coaching and practical questions to lay out a plan for your upcoming career change.

Change Careers Without a Demotion or a Pay Cut Masterclass

This short, on demand masterclass walks through my career pivoting system from start to finish.

Help! I think I might get laid off

This short video outlines what actions you can take if you believe you're about to be laid off.

What else could I do besides teaching?

This short video answers the question of what other career paths are a good fit for teachers looking to pivot.

So Tell Me About Yourself...

Confidently answer the most common first interview question and set yourself up for success.

Discover Your Transferable Skills

Review your experience and expertise to discover what skills you can bring to a new industry.

Learn to Delegate in Your Business

If you haven't started delegating in your business – or not at the level you need to be – this workbook is for you! Whether your lack of delegation is tied to psychology or practicality, this process will leave you with delegated tasks clearly identified and ready to be handed off!

Create Your Resume

You could spend hundreds of dollars for someone else to make a resume that doesn't fit you or describe you, OR you can create your own that's a great fit for your goals and you.

Cover Letter Mad Libs

Stop making every single cover letter from scratch and start using this simple Mad Libs style template instead.

LinkedIn Is For Everyone

LinkedIn can be quite literally used by everyone! This course is your everything LinkedIn guide, covering creating your profile, the platform, strategies + tactics, and hot topics.

Interview Immersion (Self Study)

My signature interview framework is now available as a self-study program. Every aspect of interviewing is covered from the current process to popular questions, how to prepare, and interview red flags.

Screentime Reboot: Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Phone

Have you turned off your phone's screen time report in disgust? Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with your phone and get time back in your day.

    The Pivot Process: Change Careers Without a Demotion or a Pay Cut

    Change careers at your current level (without a demotion or a pay cut) in this self study program.

    Work & Worth Community

    Join the private discussion and networking group focused on work and worth.

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